Electric Cannon 50 cm (confetti + streamers)

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Combine two consumables and create a unique visual effect with the 50-centimeter electric cannon of streamers and confetti, which is available in more than 10 colours for each option, and being the medium of those available. A machine is needed for its operation.

Characteristics and use:

The 50-centimeter electric tube loaded with streamers and confetti has an average power that reaches up to 8 meters for the first consumable (3 + 5 in length of the serpentine) and about 6 or 7 for the second (measuring 2 x 5 cm in diameter), both being flame retardant and not-staining. Therefore, it is recommended that the orientation of the shot be diagonal, so that both can go out at once and create a very attractive result.

The cannon contains gas inside, which is why it should not be exposed to strong heat (or sunlight) or be pierced. Likewise, we will make sure that we do not point at anyone when we handle the launcher and that nothing obstructs its exit (we will remove the plastic cover beforehand). This system is not autonomous, so a machine is required to use it.


The 50-centimeter electric launcher of confetti and streamers will serve to create an aerial entanglement with the second while a rain falls from the first. There are different colours to choose for each one, being able to make the combination that we want (with more than 100 alternatives available).

Taking into account the power of the cannon, we must use it in place with a roof of considerable height or in outdoor spaces to avoid collision and that its result is affected.

Medidas producto: 50 cm long
Color: Choose your combination!
Tipo de confeti: Rectangular 2 x 5 cm
Tipo de serpentinas: Streamers 5 m long

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Una calidad excelente
Jose J. el día 10/05/2018 Después de estar comprando cañones de confeti eléctricos en otra tienda, descubrí éstos y me han encantado. Tienen una calidad excelente y puedes combinarlos como quieras con un montón de posibilidades y además a un precio inmejorable y el envío muy rápido. Sin duda, seguiré comprándolos por aquí.

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