30 cm electric cannon (Brightness streamers) (20 u.)

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Pack of 20 electric cannons of 30 cm. with bright streamers, which measure 5 meters long and 0.85 cm wide and are available in multicolour, gold and silver. The launchers are not for autonomous use and require a machine for its operation.

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Characteristics and use:

This electric cannon measures 30 cm long and comes preloaded with brightness streamers of 5 meters by 0.85 cm, so that we will only have to remove the lid from the top, place it in the machine for its use (essential for its operation) , point to the desired direction and, later, press the button for the shot.

As precautions for use: never make holes in the tube or expose them to a strong heat since they contain gas inside. Never point at anyone at any time and make sure nothing obstructs the pitcher's exit.

The streamers are available in the colours: gold, silver and multicolour and, being bright, will fall somewhat faster than paper but its effect will be more colorful.


The firing power of this 30 cm electric streamer cannon is about 7 meters, taking into account that the distance is 2 meters and they measure 5 meters long, so both factors add up. We can link each machine in which each tube is inserted to make a simultaneous launch.

As an additional recommendation: the orientation should be vertical or diagonal so that the brightness streamers can unroll properly and create a spider web in the sky.

Medidas producto: 30 cm long x 5 cm diameter.
Unidades pack: 20 cannons of 30 cm.
Medidas caja 53 x 31 x 12 cm.
Peso caja: 5,86 kg.
Color: Different available.
Desechable: Yes.
Material: Flameproof and colorfast.
Tipo de serpentinas: 0,85 cm. wide x 5 meters long.
Gas: Compressed nitrogen.
Presión: 1.8 Mpn.
Voltaje: 12V.
Amperios: 3 amps.
Certificado: CE (Mandatory for sales and use).

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