Sparkular cold fire machine (rent)


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Sparkular cold fire machine for rent. You will count on a revolutionary device that allows to generate sparks columns of up to 5 meters without pyrotechnics, eliminating possible risks and allowing their use also indoors.


Pyrotechnics involves a set of phenomena that resort to a non-explosive combustion, which means that they can not be used indoors and require a series of permits for their use. However, the Sparkular machine is a revolutionary product because it allows to generate a torrent of sparks of up to 5 meters eliminating the pyrotechnic part, so it is totally safe, you can use it in any space and, in addition, you will not need authorization.

Within its possibilities, the Sparkular cold fire machine allows an impressive visual effect. Also, it has to be highlighted that, thanks to this system, it will be possible to have it in all kinds of environments, making its versatility stand out and increasing the possibilities of its results.


Sparkular cold fire machine measures 200 x 215 x 285 mm and weighs 8.5 kg, which makes it an easily manageable device and whose placement in different places will be easy, comfortable and accurate. It is not counting on a system that is too bulky but, equally, has the adequate robustness for its correct operation. The voltage, as is usual in this type of machinery, is 220V AC, 50 / 60Hz. Its power is 365W.

Sparkular works with envelopes that contain the consumable which allows to generate the flow of sparks, and its consumption is 2 envelopes every 20 minutes at a minimum power or 1 of them every 10 at maximum power. It works with DMX and direct control and its output is 1.5m ~ 5m.

As already mentioned, it allows to generate a torrent of sparks of up to 5 meters without the need for combustion, eliminating the pyrotechnic component and increasing its security, thus allowing it to be used within premises and without the need for authorizations. Thanks to its specifications, the Sparkular machine will allow to have a prominent and spectacular effect anywhere.

Medidas producto: 200 x 215 x 285 mm
Peso producto: 8,5 kg.
Voltaje: 220V AC, 50/60Hz

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