Plastic fringe 25 meters

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Plastic fringe 25 meters long by 17 centimeters high, ideal for decorating interiors or streets. It is available in different colours that can be chosen within the product sheet. They are widely used in different types of events thanks to the festive atmosphere they bring.


25 meters plastic fringe, perfect for decorating streets, gardens, terraces and, also, interior spaces such as bars or lounges. They are very versatile and adapt to different types of events, although they are very common in the main parties of the towns. They provide a festive environment that will serve to decorate your next big event and, in addition, you can use them in outdoor spaces without fear of deterioration thanks to the quality of their materials.

In addition, fringes can be linked to others because their strip as a thread allows them to be tied together, although, on the other hand, it is always advisable that each of them be properly attached to trees and other resistant elements, so that this union can not be undone.


Here you will find a strip of fringes of 25 meters of plastic, 17 centimeters high and available in different colours like white, silver, red, yellow, blue, green, pink or varied. They come properly packaged and protected.


You just have to take out the fringes of their corresponding wrapping, unfold them and, by means of the thread that unites them, tie them to the desired place. You can link several strips together or, on the other hand, combine them with other decorative elements such as pennants or Skyline garlands, so that you can give an original and cheerful touch to your next party.

Medidas producto: 25 m long x 17 cm. tall.
Peso producto: 0,13 kg.
Color: 9 different colours.
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JOAN F. el día 04/23/2018 Artículos bien presentado
JOAN F. el día 04/23/2018 Artículos bien presentado
JOAN F. el día 04/23/2018 Artículos bien presentado
MIGUEL ANGEL C. el día 08/22/2017 Correcto
MIGUEL ANGEL C. el día 08/22/2017 Correcto

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