Fringe paper (50 m.)

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Fringe of tissue paper 50 meters long and 17 centimeters high. They are ideal for decorating large outdoor spaces and will give a touch of festivity to any event. In addition, they are available in different colours that you can choose from in this same product sheet.


Paper fringes of 50 meters that will serve to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere to any environment. Being a large strip, it is perfect for events held in streets, gardens or, on the other hand, indoor places that are very spacious. They are very common in the celebrations in many towns thanks to that original touch they bring. Thanks to its extension and versatility you will have an element to decorate a great route.

You can combine these garlands with others like the pennants or, on the other hand, distribute among the attendees bags of cotillion, so that your event shines as it deserves.


It includes a fringe of tissue paper 50 meters long and 17 centimeters high and it is available in the following colors: red, pink, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, varied... Select the one you want most at the top of the product sheet.


Remove the fringes from their corresponding wrapping, spread them out and place them in the place you most want. You have a large string to decorate very large spaces, so you will have a decorative element that adapts to different types of events and is common in many types of parties.

Medidas producto: 50 long x 17 cm. high
Medidas paquete: 32 x 20 cm
Peso producto: 0,18 kg.
Color: 9 colours available

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