Triangle pennants (50 m.)

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50 meter strip of triangular plastic pennants. The measure of each triangle is 20 cm. wide x 30 cm. of high and combine different colours. Ideal for decorating large spaces such as street stages in carnival or, for example, large rooms.


Give a festive atmosphere to any place with the 50 meter pennant strip and animate any party with them. This decorative element is very common in different types of events such as carnival parades or indoor parties where the space is very large (as in big rooms), decorating street sections, pavilions and other similar areas. They give a touch of originality and, therefore, are a constant in all kinds of occasions.

The garlands are joined together and, at each end, you can hang it in the desired place. Also, we encourage you to combine them with other decorative items or, also, distribute among all attendees bags of cotillion, giving a casual atmosphere to that event.


A strip of 50 meters of triangular pennants is included, which combine different colours and whose measures are: 20 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters long and the separation between each triangle is 40 cm. It is ideal for events held in large spaces.


You just have to remove the wrapper of the pennants strip, extend it and, later, place it where you want. We recommend that you tie it with a double knot, so that it is firm and does not fall apart as time goes by. You can choose to tighten it to the maximum and to be straight or, on the other hand, another idea is to let it fall a little, making a semicircular shape.

Medidas producto: 50 meters long. 20 x 30 cm triangle.
Color: Multicolour
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Muy bien
Ricardo M. el día 05/17/2018 El producto es lo que ofertan. Colores vivos, material resistente y mejor relación calidad/precio que en otros sitios consultados.
ASOC. DE EMPRESARIOS BULEVAR A. el día 05/30/2017 Muy bien
Descripción ajustada
Carme E. el día 05/12/2017 Producto igual al descrito en la web
Great pennants
Dorothée T. el día 02/23/2017 The pennants are colorful, joyful and very long, which is practical for big spaces

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