Triangular pennants (5 m.)

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5 meter strip of triangular plastic pennants, available in white and dark blue colours. The measure of the triangle is 20 cm. wide x 30 cm high. Take the opportunity to decorate any party with this article that will bring a more festive atmosphere to any space.


Decorate any space with this 5 meter pennant strip and animate any event with them. This article is very common in different types of environments, both exterior and interior, and can decorate a large number of places. They are ideal for carnivals or parties in your garden, as well as for small events that you celebrate inside your home. They always bring that air of joy and originality.

These garlands are joined by a rope that you can tie anywhere and, in addition, you can combine them with other decorative elements or, on the other hand, complement them with bags of cotillion, adding that casual tone to any party.


Here you will find a strip of 5 meters of triangular pennants, available in both white and dark blue and whose measurements are: 20 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters long. It is a standard measure, perfectly manageable in different spaces and that adapt to different types of events.


Simply, take the strip of pennants from its corresponding wrapper, spread it out and then select the place where you want to place it. Choose the most suitable site and attach it to a double knot. You can stretch it to the maximum and be completely straight or, on the other hand, a very common idea is not to leave it completely tense, so that it falls a little and remains a semicircular shape.

Medidas producto: 5 long. 20 x 30 cm triangles.
Color: White or blue.

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