Skyline white wreath 4 meters

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Skyline garland of white colour with a length of 4 meters long, a diameter of 19 cm. and a total weight of 120 grams. With this strip you can decorate any space, such as gardens, terraces, living rooms... So you can create that festive atmosphere in your next event.

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Decorate any corner of your next party thanks to the Skyline garland. You can have a different decorative element and that will bring a plus of joy to any event. They are ideal for gardens, terraces... As for indoor spaces as salons. Thanks to its versatility you will have an article that adapts to different occasions and that are a constant in many events. Of course, we also encourage you to complement them with other garlands such as pennants or fringes.

This type of decoration is always present in many parties due to the touch of originality they provide. For that reason, we want you to transform any corner with them.


Here you can find the Skyline wreath of 4 meters, white, with measures of 19 centimeters in diameter and a total weight of 120 grams. They come packaged in transparent plastic to protect them from the action of external agents.


Remove the garlands from their corresponding wrapping, unfold them and then choose the place where you want to show them. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can stretch them completely, so that they are completely straight or, also, you can let them fall a bit, so that they are hanging.

Medidas producto: 4 meters long x 19 cm. diameter
Unidades pack: 1
Peso producto: 120 grams
Color: White

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