20 Handheld cannons 30 cm. (Confetti)

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Pack of 20 handheld cannons of 30 cm. with rectangular confetti paper and / or metallized  of 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long, whose colour can be chosen from the available range. This launcher is for autonomous use.


20 handheld launchers of 30 cm. loaded with paper and / or metallic 2 cm confetti. wide x 5 cm. long to choose between different colours.

The paper confetti has a more persistent flight than the metallized one. The second falls faster but its effect is more showy.


To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use the "106MC" tubes in small or medium spaces where we have at least 5 meters of height between the ceiling and the floor. Among its multiple uses, one of the situations in which it fits perfectly is like confetti cannon at weddings.

In order to use the launcher, it is recommended to orient it vertically, so that the content rises more and takes more time to fall. On the other hand, it can also be placed diagonally, to involve all the attendees.


To use this launcher no additional systems are required, its use is autonomous.

We have to remove the plastic cap or break the protective paper cover that is designed so that the contents do not spill. Then, the security seal is removed.

We will raise our arms as much as we can to make the shot in totally safe conditions.

With the left hand we will take the upper part of the tube "106MC" and with the right hand the lower part that will serve to detonate the load.

The lower left has a small game that serves to activate the mechanism. We turn this part firmly with the right hand and the confetti will shoot out under pressure.

Medidas producto: 30 cm long x 5 cm diameter.
Unidades pack: 20 handheld cannons.
Medidas caja 53 x 31 x 26 cm.
Peso producto: 0,28 kg.
Peso caja: 6,37 kg.
Forma: Rectangular of 2 x 5 cm.
Desechable: Yes.
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 1.8 mpa - 18 bars
Certificado: CE (Mandatory for sales and use).

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Bruno E. el día 08/11/2017 tudo ok, nada a assinalar.
Rápido y de buenísima calidad
Iker Z. el día 06/21/2017 Tras varios años organizando el mismo evento no pueden faltar los cañones manuales de Eutópica. Funcionan siempre a la primera, la calidad es maravillosa y muy fáciles de utilizar. Además el servicio es muy cómodo y rápido. ¡¡¡Seguiremos repitiendo sin dudarlo!!!
Muy rápido y perfecto
Yvonne C. el día 05/19/2017 Justo lo que pedí y muy rápidos con el envío. Repetiré.

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