Holi powder extinguisher

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Holi powder extinguisher, monocolour and 6 kg load. Shoot the holi up to 8 meters in length! The available colours are: Red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, light green, sky blue and navy blue. They are very bright colours and the powders have a very smooth texture.


The holi powder extinguisher is a complementary element for the festivals whose main thread is the release of it. This item can throw coloured powders at a great distance, creating a beautiful cloud that will merge with the rest of the holi and create a unique visual effect.

In addition, it is available in different colours, being able to use several at the same time so that there is a unique mixture that will animate any event. All these products come from the brand Holi Dolly, created by Eutópica for a professional use, suitable and for the organization of holi parties.


Each extinguisher contains 6 kg of holi powder monochrome inside. The trigger can throw up to 8 meters, ideal distance to reach all attendees of the event.


The holi powder extinguisher works in the same way as any other extinguisher. This product is very attractive for festivals that are held in large and small events of electronic music, parties... as it allows to make a spectacular effect from the stage.

Holi powders are treated with the utmost care. They are pleasant for the skin and do not irritate besides that they are not toxic, indispensable conditions to be used with maximum safety. For more information we recommend visiting www.holidolly.com, where you can find all the details of them.

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SANDRA O. el día 09/20/2018 Merece la pena incluirlo en una fiesta Holi. El efecto es alucinante. Aunque hay que tener cuidado, ya que se gasta rápido. La gente alucina.
Carlos S. el día 08/28/2017 TODO CORRECTO

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