Holi Dolly sunglasses

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Sunglasses of the HOLI DOLLY brand. Protect your eyes from the sun as well as the release of holi powder with them. They have a UV400 protection and are available in different colours: Red, green, dark blue, yellow, orange and pink.


The Holi Dolly sunglasses are an ideal complement to be used in all kinds of Holi parties. Thanks to them, you can protect your eyes from the sun as well as the launch of coloured powder. These are not toxic or irritating but they can cause some discomfort due to the dryness they cause. For that reason, it is important that you can keep your eyes protected and, thanks to these sunglasses, you will have a very useful accessory.


Here you can find Holi Dolly sunglasses, with a UV400 protection and available in the following colours: red, dark blue, light green, orange, yellow and purple.


See properly equipped with Holi Dolly sunglasses. With this supplement you can be protected from both UV rays and holi powder itself, preventing you from causing any discomfort in the eyes. In addition, you will be counting on an official product that will allow you to go with the reasons of the event and, if you combine it with the shirt, you will have all the typical outfit of a holi party. In addition, it is available in different colours, so you can select your favorite or the one with which you feel more identified.

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José María V. el día 03/19/2019 Satisfecho con las gafas.
José María V. el día 03/19/2019 Satisfecho con las gafas

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