LED foam stick

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48 cm long stick coated with foam and LED light inside. Available in 5 different combinations. This product is ideal for trendy electronic music festivals, clubs and major events.

Get the most spectacular effect with our LED foam sticks for clubs and all kinds of celebrations. Our foam sticks contain a red, blue, green or multicolor LED light inside, and creates a spectacular light effect.
This is a fashion that is currently mainly used in multitudinous events such as Tomorrow Land or Ultra dance music festival.
It includes a unit of the aforementioned LED foam stick. We have an interesting scaling of discounts by quantities. 
It has a very interesting on and off switch so it doesn't consume the battery. This button will control the on/off mode of the stick to turn on the LED whenever and cause a dramatic effect in the dark with all attendees.
Operates with 3 batteries already included in the stick. As transport protection, these batteries are separated by a plastic strip used in case of accidentally pressing the power button so the battery is not consumed.

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Juan P. el día 10/06/2017 El producto aún no lo hemos probado en el evento pero desde luego el servicio y la atención de 10.

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