Symbols and letters for lightboxes

9,95 €


New product

85 piece pack of black letters and symbols.

It includes the whole alphabet and a wide range of symbols and drawings to be used in the A4 lightboxes.

Material: PVC

It includes the following letters, symbols and drawings: 4-A, 2-B, 2-C, 2-D, 4-E, 2-F, 2-G, 2-H, 3-I, 2-J, 2-K, 3-L, 2-M, 2-N, 3-O, 2-P, 1-Q, 2-R, 2-S, 2-T, 3-U, 2-V, 2-W, 1-X, 2-Y, 1-Z, 1-#, 1-?, 1-@, 1-0, 2-1, 2-3, 2-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 1-9, 1-Ballon, 1-!, 2-Quotation marks, 1-&, 1-Heart, 1-Cake, 1-Quaver, 1-Kiss, 1-Happy face, 1-Sad face.

Unidades pack: 85 piezas
Color: Negro
Material: PVC

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