Wooden Light Box with poster

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Wooden Light Box with poster, ideal to show your personalized messages in a different way. This decorative element comes with a sheet with the word "Hello". However, you can use another one to write whatever you want and, also, draw what you prefer.

  • WITHOUT electric adapter
  • WITH electric adapter


Light boxes are articles that allow us to create personalized messages that can stand out in different places. Due to its design, it is easy to change them, being able to have a versatile decoration that, at the same time, changes when we prefer. In this case, we present the wooden Lightbox with poster, which is a more traditional design than the conventional ones but that will allow us certain additional features.

Generally, this type of products come with some letters in plastic sheets that we can place in a limited space. However, the wooden Lightbox allows a maximum personalization by being able to insert any written (or drawn) message. Then, we will simply use the switch to carry out the lighting when we consider it necessary.


It includes a wooden Lightbox with poster with its corresponding sheet "hello" as well as an additional transparent plastic. Product measures: 30 x 21,5 x 7 cm.


Like any other light box, it works with 6 AA batteries or with an electrical adapter (sale apart), so that we can choose the option that best suits the corner where we decide to place it. This decorative element should only have its source of energy and, later, we will use the top button to turn it on and off. Likewise, we can extract the sheet to place the one we prefer and, thus, write the message with the typography that we consider most convenient.

Medidas producto: 30 x 21,5 x 7 cm.
Color: White
Material: Wood

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