LED Neon lamp Cactus

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The LED Neon lamp Cactus is an accessory that will serve both your home and for all kinds of events. Because of its shape, you can place it in different spaces and allow not only to illuminate with its green light but also to decorate empty corners in a fun and alternative way.


The LED lamps allow us to play with the shapes inside the space, whether it is to use them as usual decoration or for specific events. Thanks to them, we will achieve a double function: they will serve us as an ornament as well as to illuminate the environment. In this case we present the cactus lamp, which has a sinuous shape that will give a fun and different touch in the place where it is placed.

The LED Neon Cactus flees from the traditionality of this kind of decoration accessories, giving a modern and distinct touch and, also, providing green light, which will serve to set any event, to be a night lamp, to provide a different lighting ...


It includes a green Neon cactus LED lamp, which is a decorative accessory. Product measures: 32 x 18 x 2 cm.


Like any other LED lamp, we must plug it and, later, we will use the switch to turn it on and off whenever we want. It is convenient that, having this green light, we test in different locations its visual effect, so that we discover its possible uses and, thus, we benefit from its versatility to use it in the corners of the home, in outstanding events, in the day a day...

Medidas producto: 32 x 18 x 2 cm
Color: Green
Forma: Cactus
Material: LED Neon

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