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The LED Neon lamp Arrow seeks to provide not only a different lighting and that generates a more eye-catching and striking effect, but also, to have a versatile decorative article that adapts to all kinds of situations as well as places to place it. Thanks to its design and its blue light, you will have a unique lamp.


Introducing the model of LED Neon lamp Arrow, which has the form of that projectile but, also, adding the blue colour and a peculiar shape to the specifications of its design. In this way, we can escape from any conventional style, giving a more personalized touch to any environment, whether it is in our daily activity or in any event or meeting where there is low lighting.

The LED Neon lamp Arrow belongs to a range of decorative items that seek, through their shapes and styles, to create unique effects.


Here you can find a LED Neon lamp Arrow, blue, 43,5 x 8 x 2 cm, which is plugged into the power to turn it on and off.


As with any other conventional lamp, the LED arrow model allows you to generate a light that will work when there is no type of illumination. However, it must be added that its versatility as well as its blue colour allow it to be placed in different corners of the home (for the room, desk, to create a unique atmosphere ...) as well as being used in events, although it is necessary to highlight that it does not have a base (it is hanged). In order to connect it, we simply use its plug and, later, we will use the on / off switch.

It does not have a base but it has two small holes to hang it where we want.

Medidas producto: 43,5 x 8 x 2 cm
Color: Blue
Forma: Arrow
Material: LED Neon

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