LED Neon lamp Moon

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The LED Neon lamp Moon belongs to a set of special decorative accessories that stand out for their versatility: place it anywhere for day to day or in different events. With its yellow color, you will have a differentiating article that will bring a different touch.


The LED lamp Neon Moon belongs to a series of decorative accessories that seek to create new effects, both for day to day and in possible events or meetings, thus providing versatility and other alternatives. In this case, this concrete model has a moon shape and is in yellow color, being able to be a support light (for a bedside table, for example) or as an additional luminous point.

Therefore, this is an accessory that will serve to create distinctive visual impacts and that, also, can be combined with additional items. Product measures: 30 x 20 x 2 cm.


It includes a LED Neon lamp Moon, with its cable to connect it electrically.


Each lamp of the LED Neon model has its own features, so that each one offers not only a different color and shape, but also, the placement possibilities change, thus providing other alternatives. In this case, the Neon Moon has a characteristic yellow color, so that they serve us as much as a support lamp as an additional decorative object in an event. This accessory has no base (usually it is hanged on the wall) and has two possibilities to turn it on: either with the use of 3 AA batteries or USB plug. We invite you to try different uses to see their possible results.

Medidas producto: 30 x 20 x 2 cm
Color: Yellow
Forma: Moon
Material: LED Neon

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