Neon Sculpture lamp Pineapple

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The Neon Sculpture lamp Pineapple has a special shape, like the other accessories of the same series, which will bring a unique and differentiating touch to any corner of your home or in different events thanks to the effect they create.


The Neon Sculpture Pineapple lamp has a special design that will allow a very attractive result. Thanks to its shape as well as its color combination, it will be possible to have a unique accessory that will adapt to all kinds of situations: both for the days of each day and for specific events and situations where an element that stands out is needed.

In addition, having the form of tropical fruit, we can create a different environment wherever we place it: we just have to try several places, see their possible effects and choose the one that convinces us the most.


It includes a Neon Sculpture Pineapple lamp, which already includes the appropriate cable and plug to connect it electrically. Product measures: 35,5 x 13,5 x 13,5 cm.


With regard to what are the operating instructions of the lamp, it should be noted that it has a simple cable, plug and switch system to turn it on, so we just have to place it in the desired place and enjoy its effect. If we speak in terms of how to use it correctly, we encourage you to try it in different places and situations: it can be a night lamp or be used in events, as part of the decorative elements.

Medidas producto: 35,5 x 13,5 x 13,5 cm
Color: Green and yellow
Forma: Pineapple
Material: Sculpture Neon

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