Manual Cannon 80 cm (confetti + streamers)

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Multiply the possibilities of your visual effects with the 80 cm manual cannon of confetti and streamers. Half of a consumable and half of the other, with this launcher you can mix the best of both in a single shot.


The manual launcher of confetti and streamers mixes the best of the two effects, being able to have both in a single launch and to make all kinds of combinations of colours. With this system it will not be necessary to have different cannons separately or have to fill our own with the consumables apart: you will come fully prepared to enjoy this double visual impact.

The rectangular confetti is 2 x 5 cm, flame-retardant and slow fall while the serpentines measure 10 m x 1.5 cm, they are also flame-retardant and have a persistent flight. The power of the barrel will make the first of them reach up to about 8 meters away while the second will do it up to 14 (counting the length when unrolling).

Therefore, we are facing a system that will allow a 2 in 1 and that, depending on the theme of the event, it can be monocolour (while also maintaining the double effect) or, on the other hand, you can put together the two colours that are most suitable for the event.


In this product sheet there is the 80 cm manual cannon of confetti and streamers, available in different colours and with the possibility of combining any of them.


The manual launchers all have the same system: the lower part of the same is caught and, with a gentle twist of the wrist, the shot is made. As additional precautions that must be taken into account, it is important to emphasize that we will never point to the face, to oneself or to other people and we will not expose the tube to heat sources or pierce it.

The cannon has a mixture of confetti and streamers, so it must be borne in mind that the first consumable will rise and fall invariably but the second one will unroll, having a length of 10 meters each.

Medidas producto: 80 cm long
Color: Choose your own combinations!
Tipo de confeti: Rectangular 2 x 5 cm
Tipo de serpentinas: Streamers 10 m long

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manuel s. el día 07/23/2018 el efecto es genial

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