Manual Hearts Confetti Cannon 80 cm

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Create a romantic atmosphere in your next event thanks to the 80 cm manual hearts confetti cannon. With it, you can shoot this consumable at the next wedding or celebration of similar themes and generate a prominent visual effect.


Prepare your next event with a romantic atmosphere with the 80 cm manual hearts confetti cannon. Through this product sheet, you can choose a single colour or combine different launchers to create a spectacular result. Thanks to its simple management system, you can plan the idea you have in mind to fill everything with this type of consumable.

The tube comes preloaded with the corresponding heart confetti you have chosen. You can have the same type or make combinations: any alternative will get that special touch to the next event, filling it with colour and dressing the space in which they are shot.


The hearts confetti launcher measures 80 centimeters long, being the largest model available and which has a shooting distance of about 7-8 meters. However, the flight of it will vary depending on the material chosen. The paper lasts longer in the air while the brightness falls faster. The sizes available for hearts confetti is 4.1 cm for all models and 5.5 cm for metallic ones.

To be able to operate the device, you have to make a small turn to the lower part and, before doing it, we will make sure that we do not point at anyone, that we have removed the plastic cap enabled so that the contents do not spill during transport and that we will put our arms up. Neither will we make holes in the tube or expose it to a heat source as it could be fired.

The tube of hearts confetti of 80 centimeters long is ideal for large environments where we need a very eye-catching effect and, considering its power, we recommend ensuring that the consumable will not bounce against any surface.

Medidas producto: 80 cm long
Color: Red, white, pink, multicolour, gold, silver
Forma: Hearts
Desechable: Yes
Material: Tissue paper o brightness
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 2.0 Mpa - 20 bars
Certificado: CE

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