Manual Confetti Cannon Weddings 80 cm

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Confetti cannon for weddings, manual model of 80 cm. This launcher contains the consumables recommended by Eutópica to make your ceremony look spectacular. Generally, silver, gold and white are the colours designated for this particular effect as well and these forms: rectangular, round, hearts or petals.

  • Hearts
  • Round
  • Rose Petals
  • Rectangular


The wedding confetti launcher is an accessory that is highly recommended to create a spectacular visual effect at certain moments. Generally, it is used as a substitution of the traditional rice and, normally, different tubes are put together to fill everything with hearts, petals...

These cannons come preloaded with the usual confetti models for weddings. It is possible that a thematic ceremony is performed and you need another specific design: in that case we encourage you to explore the rest of the range. However, in this selection we have included not only the most usual ones but also those that can create an eye-catching atmosphere in keeping with the celebration.


The 80 cm manual launchers have several specifications in common: they are autonomous (so you should not use electrical systems or other support elements additionaly) and contain about 200 grams of confetti for weddings of 4.1 cm in diameter for the shaped ones and 2 x 5 cm for the rectangular. The distance they can reach is about 8-9 meters and, to activate them, we will simply make a left turn of the base. As additional recommendations (since it contains gas for the shot), we will never make holes or expose it to high temperatures, we will not point at any time to anyone and, finally, it is important to operate it with the arms raised.

On this occasion, we have decided to advise the use of the following forms: hearts, petals, round and rectangular and these colours: gold, silver, white and silver-white (the latter only available for rectangular). All the tubes are ready for the launchment but we must ensure that the plastic cap (to prevent confetti from spilling) is removed.

Medidas producto: 80 cm
Color: White, Silver, Gold
Forma: Hearts, rectangular, petals or round
Material: Tissue paper o brightness

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