Manual Confetti Launcher Weddings 50 cm

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Manual confetti launcher for weddings, length 50 cm. This medium model will serve to create a great atmosphere with different designs such as hearts, round or petals of 4,1 cm in diameter of rectangular (2 x 5 cm) and including the classic colorus for this type of ceremonies.

  • Hearts
  • Round
  • Rose Petals
  • Rectangular


The 50 cm wedding confetti launcher is indicated for a mid-level effect in any space. The celebrations evolve and, therefore, the elements to turn them into spectacular ones are transformed. It is increasingly common to see this type of device to highlight a specific moment as they are very easy to use and will achieve a unique result.

In this case, the tubes are preloaded with confetti of shapes such as hearts, petals, round or rectangular (the most common designs) and with the chosen colour (usually, gold, silver or white), so that you can "dress" the event and give it that personalized touch.


As we recommend with the rest of confetti cannons (and the wedding is no exception) we will never guide it to other attendees (or to ourselves), we will not approach heat sources and avoid making holes in it since there are gas inside it and you it could be shot accidentally.

This particular model releases the confetti at a distance of 6-7 meters, a factor to consider when planning its use. To be able to operate it, we will simply rotate the lower part in a soft way and, before that, we will see that there is no type of object in the upper part that could obstruct the exit. Within this range you will find the most common consumables for this type of events but, if you want any other, we invite you to explore the rest of the range that you will find in the subcategory of "manuals".

Medidas producto: 50 cm
Color: White, Silver, Gold
Forma: Petals, hearts, round or rectangular
Material: Tissue paper o brightness

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