Manual Hearts Confetti Cannon 30 cm

4,20 €

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The manual tube of 30 cm of confetti hearts is the ideal accessory for small environments in which we want to use this romantic effect. This cannon comes pre-loaded and ready to be used, being able to choose between different types of consumables.


Within the range of manual launchers, the 30 centimeters one is the smallest of all, so it is indicated for smaller spaces in which we want to have a very prominent effect but avoiding the possibility that the confetti of hearts hit the ceiling .

Manual cannons allow great portability to be of autonomous use, which allows us to use them in almost any environment. Also, we must take into account the power of it and the load when planning its use, being able to choose between different options both size and colour.


The 30 cm manual hearts confetti tube is available with consumables of 4.1 cm and 5.5 cm and in red, pink, white, silver, gold and multicolor, being highly recommended in those events in which love is the main protagonist (as in a wedding).

The throwing distance is about 3-4 meters and, to be able to activate it, you only have to make a turn of the lower part of it, although, previously, we will make sure to remove the plastic cap from the upper end. As additional precautionary measures, we will avoid pointing anyone with the tube, we will not expose it to a strong heat and we will not make holes in it since it contains gas inside it and could be fired.

Medidas producto: 30 cm long
Color: Multicolour, gold, silver, pink, red, white
Forma: Heart
Desechable: Yes
Material: Brightness, tissue paper
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 1.8 Mpa - 18 bars
Certificado: CE

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