Manual Round Confetti Cannon 80 cm

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The 80 cm manual cannon loaded with round confetti is the ideal model to achieve a great effect in different types of events. Thanks to the variety of models, you can use them at weddings, thetrical performances or parties. Explore the variety of colours available.


Within the range of manual cannons of 80 cm we can find different consumables. In this case, we see that the one that corresponds to the round confetti allows us to use it in different types of situations. For a wedding (choosing classic colours), in a play, for outdoor parties or for other events in which we need a great visual effect.

The round confetti has a somewhat special shape but is not very specific, so it will adapt to many different locations and, thanks to the available colours, you can choose the one that best fits within the result you want.


The manual round confetti launcher measures 80 centimeters long and, inside, comes 200 grams of consumable, perfect amount to create a great visual impact and, at the same time, the load can come out with force, reaching about 7-8 meters approximately in height.

The round confetti is available in multicolour (normal or metallic), gold, silver and white and in the measurements of 4.1 cm and 5.5 cm in diameter and the choice should be taken into account not only for the preferences but also for the flight because the paper weighs less and persists more and the brightness falls faster but is more showy.

Recommendations for use:

When making the shot of the 80 cm round confetti tube, we will have to hold it to one side, so that the recoil does not affect us. We will take it firmly and raise our arms as much as possible, avoiding to point at anyone at any time. Before carrying out the smooth rotation of the lower part (which activates the mechanism) we will remove the cap from the upper part to avoid obstructions.

Confetti launchers must be fired vertically or diagonally so that the desired result can be achieved. We will never expose it to the sun or to high temperatures since it contains gas and the heat could trigger it. Nor will we pierce it.

Medidas producto: 80 cm launcher
Color: Multicolour, multicolour brightness, white, gold, silver
Forma: Round
Material: Tissue paper o brightness

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