Manual Round Confetti Cannon 30 cm

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The manual tube of 30 centimeters of round confetti is the model of smaller size, which is indicated for interior places with a lower ceiling or for exteriors in which a very outstanding result is not needed. The consumable is available in different colours and sizes.


This model of round confetti cannon is 30 centimeters long, the smaller one and the one that will be used for environments in which there is a relatively low ceiling (3-4 meters minimum, the distance at which the launcher can shoot) or for those that are open and in which a very prominent visual impact is not needed.

It comes with 60 grams of round confetti, the perfect amount for this tube size, and can be chosen in multicolour (paper or brightness), white, silver or gold and in 4.1 cm or 5.5 cm (depending on the colour) .


By having the power mentioned in the previous section, the manual round confetti cannon will be used for theaters, weddings (as a substitute for rice), celebrations or parties in which we want to have a small, adaptable and versatile result. Thanks to the different consumable models that can be chosen, it can be adapted to all kinds of situations, making it easier to highlight a specific moment such as the start of an event, a specific moment of a birthday... And, due to its simple mechanism, It is very easy to use.

Recommendations for use:

To be able to operate the manual round confetti tube, we must make a soft turn of the lower part and, before that, it is necessary to take into account the following precautions: remove the cap enabled so that the consumable does not spill, never point at any person, do not support the launcher in parts of our body at the time of shooting (the recoil could hurt us) and try to ensure that you don't damage the base or it is exposed to a strong heat (since it contains gas inside).

Medidas producto: 30 cm tube
Color: Multicolor, white, gold, silver, multicolour brightness
Forma: Round
Desechable: Yes
Material: Tissue paper o brightness
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 1.8 mpa - 18 bars
Certificado: CE

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