Antari B200 bubble machine (rent)


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B200 bubble machine for rent, which generates a large flow of bubbles in the space where we place it. This device is ideal for different events in which we need a prominent visual effect, being able to place it on the surface that is required or hang it.

Rental agreement conditions

The rental service is nationwide and must be done with a minimum of 24 or 48 hours before the date in which it is required so that it can arrive at the precise moment.


On many occasions we want to use a visual effect that fills the environment at any given time. The B200 bubble machine is equipped with the appropriate technical specifications to be able to generate large torrents of bubbles and, in this way, that can be used in different events, being able to use it for long periods. We will only have to worry that the tank has the right liquid for its use. This device has four double wheels, which will allow us everything previously mentioned.

As for its technical characteristics, the consumption of this bubble machine is 100W and its power is AC230V 50Hz-60Hz. The tank has a capacity of 2 liters and its consumption is of 1 every 20 minutes, being able to count on an excellent use thanks to the standard size of the jugs of liquid of bubbles.

As for its volume, this device weighs 12 kg and measures 421 x 250 x 197 mm, so we will be counting on a versatile bubble machine and easy to place in different areas, being able to use its effect where required.


In the rent you will find the B200 bubble machine, which will serve to create this visual effect and having the characteristics specified in the previous section.


The B200 bubble machine generates a large volume of bubbles, so we can use it in all those areas where we need this visual effect to be prominent. If we want to use it, we will first place it where we need it, being able to be on a flat surface or hang it. Then, we will have to make sure that the tank is filled with the indicated liquid. Due to its design, we can use it with great precision thanks to its versatility and adaptability to all types of events.

Medidas producto: L421 x W250 x H197
Peso producto: 12 Kg
Voltaje: AC230V 50Hz-60Hz

Information form for rent

You can contact us through this form to make a reservation request or request detailed information about this product.

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