Paper pompom 30 cm. (10 u.)

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Pack of 10 white paper pompoms of 30 cm. diameter. Specially designed for decoration in wedding halls, events, to hang them from trees or joined together on a long rope to hang them wherever you want. Made in white tissue paper.


The paper pompons are decorative garlands that are ideal for wedding halls, interiors, gardens, etc. These can be hung from the ceiling or trees by putting a rope that we will attach to the body of the same. Thanks to the tissue paper with which they are made you can count on an element that easily adapts to many different spaces. The assembly of the same is very simple and, thanks to its rope, you can place it in different places.

Having a pack of them will help you decorate your terrace, garden, etc. in a homogeneous way. And, in addition, we encourage you to combine them with other articles, so that you can bring your personal touch and create that environment you are looking for.


Pack of 10 units with reference PP30-10 of white paper pompoms of 30 cm in size, small, folded and individually packaged in plastic bag for greater protection and to avoid dirt, deterioration or humidity.


You just have to take out the paper pompom from its corresponding wrapper, these will come folded and have a white ribbon that you will have to open to finish assembling them. Then, you just have to place them in the desired place. In addition, they have instructions for use for greater ease.

Medidas producto: 30 cm diameter
Unidades pack: 10 u.
Color: White
Material: Tissue paper

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pompon papel 30 cm
Maribel G. el día 07/03/2017 Producto que coincide muy bien con la descripción. Envío rápido
Igual q el anterior
Marta B. el día 03/30/2017 Muy bien ????

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