Paper lamps 50 cm. (10 u.)

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Pack of 10 paper lamps of 50 cm. in diameter, they have a round shape and an internal wire to maintain it. It is ideal to decorate different spaces, both indoor and outdoor, placing them on a flat surface or, on the other hand, being able to hang it anywhere.

Paper lamps are ideal for using different spaces. They are very versatile and you can place them in both outdoor and indoor spaces, providing a special touch and combining it with other decorative elements. Put them in your garden or terrace or use them in that corner inside your home that has always needed a different air. Another idea is to use a string to hang them. Also, they have a wire that assumes its interior structure so that it can maintain its round shape.

An alternative that is widely used is to use a strip of light bulbs along with this element to cover it, so that you can make real lamps.

Pack of 10 paper lamps of round shape with reference RP50-10 in white color of 50 cm in size, which are properly packaged individually, protecting it from any external agent that can be harmful and preventing its deterioration.

The assembly of paper lamps is very simple. You just have to remove it from each wrapper and then stretch it to the sides, so that it can have its round shape. Then, you have to place the inner wire that acts as a structure so that it can be supported. And, in this way, you can put it where you prefer. You can also use a rope (not included) to hang it in different places.
Medidas producto: 50 cm. diameter.
Unidades pack: 10 units
Color: White.
Forma: Round.
Material: Reusable material.

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