Premium party bag

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In this premium party bag you will find a bowler hat or wig, a plastic maraca, a muffler, a mask, two packs of streamers and two accessories such as a clown nose and sexy lips. Create fun and enjoyable moments with the elements inside.


Premium party bags are the definitive article in terms of holiday animation. In addition to having all the features of this element that is present at the end of the year, birthdays and all kinds of events you can have additional accessories that you can distribute among all the attendees to create a festive atmosphere. Its main advantage is the great variety of all its content, which is designed to be a colourful and quality product.


The premium party bag contains a bowler hat or wig, two packs of streamers, a plastic maraca, a blowgun and several additional accessories such as clown noses or sexy lips.


The premium party bags are prepared and packaged so that you only have to remove all the contents of the bag and use everything inside it directly, without the need for assembly or preparation. Cover your head with your hat, throw the streamers, shake the plastic maracas and blow the blowgun. Your party will be very lively and will be full of memorable moments thanks to all these accessories, which will help you create a casual and fun touch.


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