2x5 cm. rectangular tissue paper confetti (1kg. bricks)

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2x5 cm rectangular tissue paper confetti packed in two half a kilo bags. The confetti is organized in bricks. Ideal to refill manual or electric confetti cartridges and to use with confetti machines of single shooting fed by air or gas. Certification CE. Flameproof rating and colorfast. 

The rectangular confetti is peculiarly interesting as they are tissue paper rectangles that are very light so they fall very slowly. 
Aesthetically there is no comparison with classic confetti, as it is heavier and falls a lot faster. 
The rectangular confetti is made of professional material which is 100% flameproof and colorfast. This is something to have in mind as not all confetti on the market are flameproof. This is important as non-flameproof confetti can provoke a fire causing damages to people and equipment. It being colorfast prevents the confetti from staining tablecloths, floors, drinks, etc. 
These rectangular strips can be used in interiors as well as exteriors. The effect in an interior will always be more controlled as the wind will not be a factor determining the direction of the confetti and we will be able to control where it falls. 
As the material is organized in bricks it is recommended to use in launching machines with compressed air or gas and to easily refill confetti cartridges. 
Rectangular confetti is the one commonly used in sports events, concerts, clubs, etc. 
Unidades pack: Packed in two boxes of 0,5kg.
Peso producto: 1 kg.
Color: Different available.
Material: Flameproof and colorfast.
Tipo de confeti: Rectangular of 1,8 x 5,5 cm.

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