Pack 100 Sky Lanterns

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Pack of 100 flying lanterns completely flame-retardant and biodegradable, so that they meet the necessary conditions to be used safely. The measurements are 55 centimeters in diameter and 70 centimeters high and have an oval or heart shape. The sky lanterns are available in different colors to choose.

The flying lanterns have a heart or oval shape and can reach a flight of about 8 - 10 minutes with a height between 800 and 1000 meters. In addition, they can be chosen in different colours.

These sky lanterns are a perfect complement to many types of events, such as night parties or weddings, as they can give a special touch. Traditionally, they are an element of Asian culture that was used to request desires but, over time, it has been extended until reaching Europe, adopting it and using it more and more in all kinds of events.

This includes a pack of 100 flying lanterns, 70 centimeters high and 55 centimeters in diameter, which are flame-retardant and biodegradable, so that they can be used in total safety conditions.

Instructions for use
The sky lanterns are properly packaged and folded so that, to use them, you just have to remove them from their wrapping and deploy them. They are fully prepared to launch without the need for assembly or preparation. In addition, they have a fuel cell in their base as it is the most appropriate option so that the liquid does not drip on its ignition and, thus, it can avoid all kinds of damage to the lantern itself when it rises. For that reason, we do not recommend using the wax pad system, which does drip and can damage it.

Also, as an additional precaution, the wind should be taken into account before launching the flying lantern, so that it is prevented from colliding with any obstacle.

Medidas producto: Sizes: 70 (tall) x 55 (long) x 55 (wide) cm.
Medidas paquete: 41 x 41 x 50 cm.
Unidades pack: 100 sky lanterns.
Color: Different colours available.
Material: Flameproof.
Vuelo: 8 to 10 minutes.
Alcance: 800 to 1000 meters.

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