Antari ICE-101 low smoke machine

645,00 €


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Antari ICE-101 low smoke machine, perfect for having the aforementioned effect without having to use CO2 because, when it cools, it causes it to condense and, consequently, the air weighs more and causes it to fall. If you do not use ice it can be used as a fog machine.

The Antari ICE-101 Low Smoke Machine is designed to create the so-called effect but in a CO2-free way because, when the smoke cools, is condensed and weighs more than air. For this reason, it falls. Furthermore, it is possible to avoid using ice and, then, what is generated is mist, which can remain up to a maximum of 12 hours.

Therefore, this is a smoke machine that allows several features and functionality and is very versatile.
The Antari ICE-101 low smoke machine has a DMX control and includes a Z-8 remote controller so that it can be used comfortably and without having to go to the place where the device is placed. The AC is 230V and 50-60 Hz with a power of 1000W.

Its tank has 2.5 liters of capacity and the delay time for the first shot is 4 and a half minutes. Its output volume is 300 m3 per minute. Taking into account these specifications, we must plan properly its use, which adapts to a large number of situations such as shooting, theater scenes, entertainment venues ... Depending on the effect you want to get. In this way, we can achieve optimum performance at the moment we need, creating the desired environment.

The system has a weight of 24.4 kg and measures 660 x 355 x 359 mm, characteristics to consider to plan its placement. Therefore and as a summary, these technical elements will allow us to achieve a versatile system that adapts to all kinds of situations.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that the smoke liquid compatible with the machine of smoke under Antari ICE-101 is the FLR only, reason why it should not be used another.
Medidas producto: 660 x 355 x 359 mm
Peso producto: 24,4 kg
Voltaje: AC 230V 50/60HZ

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