Antari AF-3XR effect fan

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Antari AF-3XR fan for special effects. Designed specifically for a better dispersion of smoke, bubbles and other effects. Use your remote control options to create the environment you are looking for your place.


The Antari AF-3XR is a fan that is used as a special effect enhancer. With it, the smoke, the bubbles, etc. will disperse much faster through the air, helping to create the necessary environment. This model includes 4 control options, low power consumption, rugged housing, variable linear output speed, adjustable blow direction and, in addition, its size is compact, so this is a versatile and convenient accessory to use.

Regarding the input voltage of the Antari AF-3XR fan for special effects, it is the usual: 220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz with an energy consumption of about 100W at maximum power. It has an integrated DMX function, cable controllers and remote controls (W-1 or Z-3).

The installed stand lets you adjust different output addresses lower than 90 degrees while the unit is suspended or placed on the floor. The solid and practical design facilitates transport and storage. The fan speed is 750-2550 rpm (50 Hz) or 750-2800 rpm (60 Hz).

The maximum air flow of the Antari AF-3XR fan for special effects is 900 m3 per hour at 50 Hz and 1020 m3 / hour at 60 Hz. It has 2 channels (on and off) and its connections are PowerCON and XLR of both input and output poles.

Its dimensions are 333 mm wide and 370 high, weighs 6.3 kg and has a degree of protection IP20.

Therefore, this is an accessory that is very versatile, easy to use, light and comfortable considering also the benefits that it offers and that will allow a maximum personalization of the environment that we look for when we talk about using special effects, turning it into a highly recommended product.

Medidas producto: 333 mm x 370 mm
Peso producto: 6,3 kg
Color: Black
Voltaje: 220~240 V CA, 50/60 Hz

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