S250 snow machine


New product

The S250 features the same robustness of the S100 and has similar characteristics although it is somewhat more silent than its predecessor. 

- Power supply: AC230V    50Hz-60Hz
- Power: 600W
- Firing: 140ml/min
- Consumption: 1 liter / 7 min
- DMX Control: Yes.
- Liquid capacity: 5 liters.
- Adjustable tilt
- Potency: 2 positions
- Remote control: SC-2 (included)
- Weight: 15 kgs.
- Dimensions (mm): L505 x W276 x H227.5
- Liquids: SL-5, SL5A
Use: Theaters, Stagings, Cinema, Studios, etc. 
Medidas producto: 554 x 276 x 228 mm
Peso producto: 14 kg
Voltaje: 240V / 50 Hz
Incluye: Asa y control remoto W-1

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