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Confetti is a very versatile festive element, it can come in a wide variety of materials, colors and shapes, to achieve different effects during the celebration. It is the most economical and practical way to enhance the event or celebration, and achieve unforgettable moments.

Types of Confetti

Confetti can be classified according to the shape and effect it can cause when used.

Rectangular confetti : It is 2 cm wide by 5 cm long. It can be made of tissue paper, metallic or rice paper. It comes packaged and completely ordered in a one kilo bag, or in a package of small rolled bricks, also one kilogram.

They can be any color, including fluorescent colors that glow under black light. They are flame retardant, which gives it greater security in use on any occasion.

Square confetti : It has a side measurement of 1 cm, it can be made of tissue paper or material metallic. It comes in one-color or mixed kilo packages.

Round confetti : It is a confetti formed by circles of metallic paper that give a very shiny appearance. They come in a wide variety of colors and in two different sizes, both in a one-kilogram package.

Classic confetti : It is the classic confetti of children's parties, tiny and round. It comes in presentations of 50 grams, 1 Kg, 10 Kg and in combos of several bags. It can be purchased in mixed or unicoloured colors, it is ideal for launching by hand from floats.

Confetti shapes : These are 5.5 cm diameter models, which are well organized in packets of 1 Kg. They can be made of tissue paper or metallized material, completely fireproof. They are of various colors and different shapes.

Uses of Confetti

Confetti is widely used to highlight special occasions within an event, for example, the first dance of a debutante. Its wide variety of colors and textures makes it a very versatile element and easy to incorporate into celebrations.

It can be launched with cannons to encompass most of the participants in an event, or manually, so that the use of confetti is fun for people to throw it at each other. If the confetti is made of paper, it will fall gently giving a romantic look and if it is metallic it will be a great shower of bright colors.

Why buy Confetti?

The use of confetti represents a simple and inexpensive way to highlight relevant moments within events or celebrations. It can be spectacular depending on the way it is used, giving shine and color to any occasion.

With the use of cannons, a great distance can be covered with the rain of confetti, and the participants or attendees will feel surrounded by magic and colors. Depending on the material it will create a soft and romantic effect or a cheerful and festive look.

Where to buy Confetti?

A wide variety of confetti can be found on online sites, in all shapes, sizes and colors. On the Eutópica WEBSITE, for example, you can buy rectangular, round, classic or shaped confetti, there is even an ecological option made of rice paper.

In these places you can buy the confetti and the accessories or equipment that you require to achieve the effect you want at your party or event, the limit of what you can do will be your creativity.

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