Original decoration and accessories

Original decoration and accessories

In Eutópica we want you to decorate any outdoor space according to the event you want to celebrate and applying your particular...

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Light bags with candles (10 u.)

Price €7.00
Pack of 10 candle bags. They are available in different formats so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. These are 100%...

Plastic fringe 25 meters

Price €2.80
Plastic fringe 25 meters long by 17 centimeters high, ideal for decorating interiors or streets. It is available in different colours that can be...

Bamboo Torch 150 cm

Price €3.95
150 cm long bamboo torch, ideal for outdoor decoration. Bring a different and special touch to your next party. It includes the wick and a deposit...

Paper lamps 20 cm. (10 u.)

Price €7.95
Pack of 10 white paper lamps of 20 cm. diameter. Designed to decorate exteriors such as gardens or terraces, for wedding halls or other events. Can...

Fringe paper (50 m.)

Price €4.95
Fringe of tissue paper 50 meters long and 17 centimeters high. They are ideal for decorating large outdoor spaces and will give a touch of...

Paper lamps 30 cm. (10 u.)

Price €9.95
Pack of 10 white paper lamps 30 cm in diameter. Specially designed for decoration in wedding halls, events, to hang it from trees or to use as a...

Paraffin bottle (5 L)

Price €24.95
Paraffin oil bottle of 5 liters to recharge the deposits of bamboo torches, oil lamps, etc. It does not generate smoke or odors, so it is ideal to...

Light bags with candles (50 u.)

Price €28.00
Pack of 50 light bags with candles available among the following models: hearts, stars, moons, butterflies, smooth, pumpkins and varied. They can...

Triangle pennants (50 m.)

Price €5.49
50 meter strip of triangular plastic pennants. The measure of each triangle is 20 cm. wide x 30 cm. of high and combine different colours. Ideal...

Paper lamps 40 cm. (10 u.)

Price €13.95
10 paper lamps of 40 cm. diameter. They are an ideal decorative element for both outdoor and indoor spaces and adapt to any event. They are...

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