Original electrics

Original electrics

Original and unique.

The original electric cannons allow you to customize your event in detail. From Eutópica we have made and devised some very special kits to not forget any detail of your event or party. Choose the size of the "kabuki" that best suits your needs. Our original electric launchers meet all safety requirements and require an electric trigger for operation.

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Original electric cannons

Electric launchers come with a wide variety of fillings, this can sometimes be overwhelming for the person interested in them, that is why on the Eutópica WEBSITE you can find specific kits for celebrations, such as a welcome party for a baby, in this case you can buy a kit with two barrels that includes one blue and one pink.

Another example of these original brand kits is the pack of 6 guns with the colors of the LGTBIQ flag. They all come filled with biodegradable confetti 2 cm wide by 5 long, made of tissue paper for a smooth fall. These launchers can come in three different sizes.

Original 80 cm electric cannons : They are those used in large spaces, they can make throws between 9 meters and 10 meters in length, they are perfect for large events and animate marches.

Original 50 cm electric cannons : This is the size of the cannon that can launch the confetti at a distance of between 7 meters to 8 meters, they are ideal for events in spaces that are medium to large.

Original 30 cm electric cannons : With this launcher you will be able to create a playful image in small environments or places, its launch can reach a distance between 5 meters to 6 meters.

Use of the original Electric Cannons

These kits are ideal for synchronized launches, so that the colors can be seen in the order in which they appear. They should only be placed in the proper way on their bases and with the order of colors that is needed, synchronization is important for the event to be a success.

This type of cannon for its correct operation requires an electric button and a base, to come in a kit associated with the occasion that is being celebrated, you only have to be aware of the peripherals that you will need for the launch.

Tips for buying original Electric Cannons

The choice of the size of the electric launcher is one of the most important factors to take into account, its dimension is what determines how far the confetti can go. If it is for a massive event, the 80 cm one must be purchased, which guarantees that the shot will reach a length of up to 10 meters, thus reaching the majority of people.

If it is for a conference, talk or small celebration you can go to the 30 cm one with which you can achieve an important effect when you need it. This is why it is important to know the dimension of the place where the kit will be used, the idea is that the launch of the confetti is an unforgettable moment.

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