Original manuals

Original manuals

Unique and special creations.

The original manual cannons allow you to customize your event in detail. From Eutópica we have made and devised some very special kits to not forget any detail of your event or party. Choose the size of the "kabuki" that best suits your needs. Our original manual launchers meet all safety requirements and regulations.

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Original Manual Cannons

These cannons consist of a tube of two parts, one contains the element that will be launched (such as streamers or confetti) and the other part has compressed air that will be in charge of activating the cannon, with the help of a twist made by our hands.

Depending on the material from which the filler is made, various effects will be obtained, for example: if the filler paper is metallic, the weight will cause them to fall more slowly and the reflective condition of the metallic effect will make the lights stand out. a nocturnal atmosphere.

If it is a daytime event, it is recommended to use a more traditional paper filling, they are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes; in this case, the paper will fall to the ground slower, due to its lightness, and will create a more durable and colorful effect.

Types of original hand cannons

The original manual cannons can be found in different sizes that are used to create very varied effects; choosing the right barrel will depend on the effect you want to achieve and the distance you want to reach. It is important to mention that the range will depend on the material the barrel is filled with and the inclination given by the user.

Original 30 cm handheld cannon: This cannon is ideal for creating unforgettable effects in small spaces, since its range does not usually exceed 5 meters.

• Original 50 cm handheld cannon: The 50 cm cannon can fill a medium space without any problem. A launch with this cannon can cover about 8 meters.

• Original 80 cm handheld cannon: This is the largest Original Hand Cannon, therefore it serves to create fabulous environments in large spaces. Its range is usually around 10 meters.

Where to use them?

These cannons are really versatile, they can be used both in closed spaces and in open spaces, because the paper they are filled with does not lose its color and has no ignition capacity.

In the same way, they are ideal to create an atmosphere of unbeatable celebration in events of different kinds, such as: Birthdays, first communions, weddings, bachelor parties, parties or corporate events, sports games, Christmas parties, revelation party gender, among others; The important thing is to let yourself be carried away by creativity and evaluate what type of gun you need.

Why buy them?

These manual cannons are completely safe, if they are used in the right way the probability of causing an accident is very low. In addition, it is a product that will generate a spectacular effect that the guests at a party or event will enjoy a lot, without investing large sums of money and with a very easy-to-use device.

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