Big Blaster Confetti machine


The Big Blaster machine throws confetti up to 15 meters high thanks to its CO2 system, which will make, in turn, an impressive megatron effect. This device is designed for large events in which you want to launch large quantities of consumable. Please consult customer service for your price and purchase option.


The Big Blaster confetti machine is specially designed for large events in which you want to launch a large amount of consumable. Therefore, a wide environment in which there is no element that could prevent the continuous shooting of the same will be needed. This specification is reflected in the fact that its scope is 15 meters high (approximately), consuming a total of 8 kg of confetti per minute. In order to achieve this visual impact, CO2 bottles with a probe are used, so that a megatron effect will be achieved.

The result of the shot is, therefore, very attractive as it not only allows to achieve a powerful confetti output but also the addition of the own gas column when the propelled jet comes out. Before making the purchase we recommend consulting with the customer service to receive advice on what are the best spaces in which to use it, so that we achieve the most convenient effect.

The measurements of the Big Blaster confetti machine are 148 x 66 x 39 cm, although it is necessary to take into account both the outlet tube and the cylinder that will be needed. It admits any consumable within the range of confetti, which must be properly placed in your deposit. The weight of the device is about 50 kg (although it is equipped with wheels for transport and use). Therefore, we will be counting on all the technical characteristics necessary to achieve a very outstanding result.


Data sheet

5 kg per minute
Gas cartridges NOT included. However, we can help you get them.
Launches confetti at around 15 meters high.
Peso producto:
59,50 kg.
Requires CO2 or Nitrogen cartridges to shoot the confetti.
Tipo de confeti:
Can be used with any kind and size of confetti.
Medidas producto:
65 x 39 x 130 cm
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