20 electric cannons 80 cm. (empty)

VAT included

Pack of 20 empty 80-centimeter electric cannons. To be used, a button or trigger is necessary. These launchers have no charge inside, so they can be filled later with confetti or streamers.



Pack of 20 empty electric cannons of 80 cm. The launcher "101E" is designed for those people who need a trigger to fill with the consumable that is desired.


To obtain the best effect, it is recommended to use the "101E" tube in large spaces where we have a minimum height of 9 meters between the roof and the ground. This tube shoots the confetti at an approximate height of about 8/9 meters. In the case of streamers, we must take into account that, for this launcher, those of 10 meters in length are recommended.

It must be borne in mind that, if streamers are fired, they should be oriented horizontally or diagonally so that the "spider web" effect is more showy. If, on the other hand, we have confetti inside, we must put it in a vertical or diagonal position, to generate a more lasting rain.


These cannons are not for self-use, so they need a device and a button to give them the voltage necessary for their use.

About the recommendations for use: do not expose the tubes to the direct action of the sun or heat sources, do not pierce them, do not aim at anyone at any time and, before making the shot, the top cover must be removed.

As for the consumable that must be introduced: they must be 200 grams of confetti per cannon or 48 rolls of 10-meter streamers, these being the adequate quantities for an effective result.


Data sheet

CE (Mandatory for sales and use).
3 amps.
2.0 Mpa - 20 bars
Peso producto:
0,39 kg.
Compressed nitrogen.
Unidades pack:
20 electric launchers
Peso caja:
8,70 kg.
Medidas caja
80 x 26 x 21 cm.
Medidas producto:
80 cm long x 5 cm diameter.
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