Electric Star Confetti Cannon 80 cm

VAT included

The 80-centimeter electric tube with star confetti will allow a great result not only for the size of the cannon itself, but also for the possibilities of linking several machines for its use, which are completely necessary for the launchment.



The 80 cm electric launcher with star confetti is the perfect model for large spaces where we have at least 8-9 meters between the floor and the ceiling. Before making the choice of the consumable, we must take into account not only the sizes and colours, but also, if we choose it on paper or metallic. The first one stays longer in the air, increasing the duration of the effect while the second one generates a much more striking visual impact although, on the other hand, it weighs more and will fall faster.

The electric cannon of confetti of stars is of a single use, needs a machine to be able to give the necessary voltage for the launching and the consumable of its interior is flame-retardant and does not fade.

Recommendations for use:

The electrical tubes are not autonomous and need a machine or a trigger to be able to use them as well as a push button to control when the launch will be made. It is possible to link several devices together thanks to link cables, so that a simultaneous shot can be made and, in this way, maximize the result of the star confetti effect.

Likewise and as additional security measures, we will never aim at anyone with the electric cannon (even if it is not connected), we will not expose it to heat sources or to the sun itself, nor will we make holes in the tube itself. Also, we will make sure to remove the cap from the top to avoid obstructions.


Data sheet

3 A
12 V
2.0 mpa - 20 bars
Compressed nitrogen
Tissue paper o brightness
Multicolour, multicolour brightness, red brightness, white, gold, silver
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80 cm cannon
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