Electric Cannon Petal Confetti 50 cm

VAT included

50 cm electric launcher with petal confetti, which is the model of average size corresponding to the range and that will serve for those events such as weddings or parties where we need a shot of about 5/6 meters in height. To use the tube, a machine is necessary.



The 50-centimeter electric cannon corresponds to the average size in terms of available tube models. This is loaded with 120 grams of confetti petals, which can be chosen in 6 available colours, 2 sizes and 2 types of material (depending on the chosen combination): paper or metallized. The first will be chosen in case we want a more lasting effect and the second when we need it to be very showy (although of shorter duration).

Petals confetti is flame-retardant and does not fade, adequate specifications to use it comfortably and efficiently. As with all other electric launchers, it is essential to have a machine or trigger to be able to use them.

Recommendations for use:

The ideal time to use the electric cannon with petal confetti is at a wedding because, due to its design and possibilities, it is perfect to make a launch replacing the traditional moment of throwing rice. On the other hand, it is also ideal for parties, birthdays or, for example, for plays in which this effect is needed.

The following safety considerations should be taken into account: do not make holes in the cannon, do not expose it to the sun or a heat source (it contains gas), do not aim at anyone (even if it is deactivated), remove the protective cap from the part top before shooting and orient it vertically or diagonally to achieve a better visual impact.


Data sheet

3 A
12 V
1.9 mpa - 19 bars
Compressed nitrogen
Metallized or tissue paper
Gold, silver, multicolour, red, pink, white
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50 cm cannon
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