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20 Electric cannon 80 cm (Brightness Confetti + streamers)

VAT included

Pack of 20 electric cannons of 80 cm. with confetti brightness and streamers. You can choose the colour of the consumables. A device is required for the operation of the launcher.



Pack of 20 electric launchers of 80 cm. loaded with brightness confetti and streamers. We have different colors with respect to consumables.


To get the best effect it is recommended to use the launchers in small or medium spaces where we have at least 7 meters free length in the shot.

The firing of streamers is advised to orient it diagonally or horizontally and not vertically. The reason is because the "spider web" effect that it produces is more showy when it is directed towards the public.


These cannons are designed to be used with electric triggers for launch. These tubes are not for self-use.

The launcher is composed of two different parts:

    - The lower part with the compressed air cylinder.
    - The upper part where the streamers are loaded.

To insert the tube you have to do it with the machine turned off. We remove the plastic cap or break the protective cover of tissue paper that has so that the streamers do not spill in the transport.

It is time to connect the plug of the outgoing cable of the electric launcher to the entrance of the trigger designed for that purpose.

Depending on the type of device used, we will use the remote control or an electric button to activate the launcher and fire the streamers.

We will never manipulate the tube with the exit part focusing directly on a person or face. We will make sure that the output of the confetti / streamers shot is not blocked with any object or person.

Do not pierce this launcher and do not store near a heat source or directly exposed to the sun.


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