Authorized High pressure hose


Approved 2, 5, 10 or 15 meter high pressure CO2 hose that is made with double steel mesh and quick connection systems for quick and easy assembly. Hose compatible with the CO2 gun, CO2 jet and the Big Blaster confetti machine.



CO2 hoses are an essential element when using different types of devices such as CO2 guns or Jets, Big Blaster or Booster confetti machines as well as other systems that must be connected to CO2 bottles and that need this gas. to function, whether it is to launch some type of charge or to generate columns of gas for the so-called megatron effect. Therefore, we are facing an element that is essential and that, in addition, we must always have at hand and in perfect condition to be able to make a correct and appropriate use of the devices.

Our hoses are of professional quality manufactured in Europe and prepared to work at high pressure of up to 380 bar. They are certified and have double steel mesh for greater security. They have a quick intake system and, thus, when carrying out any type of assembly or prior preparation, the work will be much easier, making it comfortable and effective.

Normally, these are already included within the sets of the machines. However, we may want to have a different measure to adapt to different spaces or, on the other hand, replace the ones we already have, for that reason they are offered separately.

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