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SPARKULAR FALL cold fire machine

SPARKULAR FALL cold fire machine,generates columns of sparks of up to 7 meters in a waterfall effect. It is not pyrotechnics, it allows us to create a spectacular curtain of sparks, eliminating the risks of pyrotechnics and can also be used indoors.


The SPARKULAR FALL allows us to create a spark effect WITHOUT PYROTECHNICS. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It must be placed on a truss bar and works thanks to a granulated alloy. It is easy to handle and start up, it has DMX control and wireless control, it can be combined with other effects such as lighting or sound if they are compatible with DMX.

Transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle with our Sparkular Fall cold fire machine, available for rental!

This cutting-edge machine redefines the pyrotechnic experience by delivering spectacular and safe cold fire effects. Ideal for weddings, concerts, corporate events and more, the Sparkular Fall creates cascades of bright sparks without producing heat, ensuring an exciting and safe environment for your audience.

With precise control over the height and direction of the sparks, this machine lets you personalize every moment, from a grand entrance to a breathtaking climax. Additionally, its state-of-the-art design and robust construction ensure reliable performance.

If you are looking for the rental option, we also offer the possibility of experiencing the spectacularity Sparkular cold fire machine through our rental service.

Transform your event into a unique experience with our fire engine rental service. At Eutópica, we offer a variety of cutting-edge options that will allow you to add an impressive and safe touch of pyrotechnics to your celebration. Whether for weddings, concerts, corporate events or other special occasions, our fire machines guarantee an exciting visual spectacle and memorable pyrotechnic moments.

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