Each effect has its machine.

Any effects machine that you need both rental and purchase. Find the ideal format for your event or celebration, confetti, streamers, smoke, bubbles, Co2, cold fire ... Our technical service will help you choose the ideal machine for the desired effect.

All our special effects machinery has the CE certificate and current regulations, necessary for the use of them.

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Blowdy confetti machine

Blowdy confetti machine

Blowdy electric confetti blower machine Ideal for long stretches of continuous shooting type floats, horseback riding or to make small rains or...
CO2 GUN pistol

CO2 GUN pistol

CO2 GUN pistol That launches megatron style at a distance of approximately 6 meters. It does not need an electrical connection since it connects...
CO2 JET machine

CO2 JET machine

CO2 Jet machine with megatron effect That launches megatron-style CO2 gas up to 8 meters. Ideal for creating column-like effects for events,...

Machines for special effects: Each effect has its own machine.

The effects are designed to give visual enhancement to the occasion, it can be a concert, party, street festival, or any occasion that gathers crowds. The use of this playful resource will be the focal point in the activity in which it is used, it can serve to give more shine and relevance to the crucial or important moments of your event or celebration.

Types of effects

There is a wide variety of effects that you can use depending on the occasion, or whatever you want to achieve. There are machines to throw confetti, generate smoke, make bubbles and much more.

• Smoke machine : These machines can simulate smoke, fog, or low smoke. They work well at parties, concerts and theaters, they can be placed in small, medium and large spaces without any problem, they are low risk and low energy consumption.

Confetti machine : They are teams capable of throwing confetti or streamers. In them you can use electric cannons of 30, 50 and 80 centimeters. They can even be wireless, and combining them can achieve great effects. There are even them for large spaces such as stadiums.

Bubble machine : They are very versatile devices that throw a shower of bubbles diagonally over the entire place. They can be placed on the ground or hung for better effects.

CO2 machine : With this equipment you can launch gas jets that achieve a great effect in crowd events. They can be obtained from a pistol, to be used manually or in larger equipment that achieves gas columns of between 8 and 12 meters.

Fire machine : With these equipments impressive effects are achieved in a very safe way. They are ideal for concerts or mass events. They are very safe to use, they do not represent any danger to those present.

Snow Machine : They are ideal equipment for when you want to give a winter look to an event or decoration. They can be used in medium or large spaces, making the environment look bucolic and winter.

Why incorporate an effect? ​​

The visual details are what make a simple event become a great experience, which is why the best way to achieve a great experience is by incorporating some special effect. You must plan well which one is the best for the occasion or event you will hold.

You can rent or buy the equipment, it all depends on how often you use it. It should also be taken into account if it is an event during the day or at night, there are effects that are best seen in dark environments, others need places with humidity percentages greater than 40%.

There are machines that achieve effects for large crowds, while others can work well in not so large spaces, even in celebrations such as weddings or birthdays you can incorporate some of these special effects equipment.

The use of these effects at the precise moment of the celebration or event will surprise the audience, creating a positive emotion that will be what the vast majority will remember. With the effects you can achieve an original and unexpected moment, which will set a standard where it is used.

Where to buy an effects machine?

In specialized online sites you can rent or buy the effects equipment you need. On the Eutópica WEB you can see an interesting offer, and its expert staff can advise you on which equipment to wear to achieve the special effect you are looking for.

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