Coiled streamers.

Choose from all our colors, materials, formats and quantities in our streamers section. Create unique moments with this professional variety of fireproof streamers and presented in comfortable bags. The best option to charge your electric or manual cannons. Contact us if you have any questions or need large quantities.

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Paper streamers 5 m. (80 rolls) - 9

Paper streamers 5 m. (80 rolls)

Price €4.24
Sleeve of 80 paper streamers Streamers of 1 wide x 5 meters long. Material used to charge electrical machines, empty electric or manual cannons or...
Paper streamers 3 m. (20 rolls)

Paper streamers 3 m. (20 rolls)

Price €0.59
Pack of 20 paper streamers 3 meters long and 0.70 cm. wide to throw by hand or blow through it. Classic streamer that is used in all kinds of parties.


The streamers are long, narrow strips of paper that are rolled up very tightly, to be thrown at celebrations so that they unroll in the air and give color and shine to the environment.

Types of Streamers

The streamers vary depending on the material with which they are made and their length.

5M paper streamers : They are 0.85 cm wide by 5 meters long, and are made of fireproof tissue paper. The presentation is a string of 100 streamers, which can come in assorted colors or in the color of your preference.

10M paper streamers : They are made of fire-retardant tissue paper, its measure is 0.85 cm wide by 10 meters long. They come in a string of 32 streamers, which can be of various colors or a color of the person's choice.

5M glitter streamers : They are made of fireproof metallized paper, measuring 0.85 cm wide by 5 meters long. They come in a presentation of a string of 100 streamers, which can be silver, gold or multicolored.

10M glitter streamers : They are 1.5 centimeters wide by 10 meters long, and are made of fireproof metallic paper. They are found in strings of 32 rolls, and can be gold, silver or multicolored.

Classic 3M paper streamers : They are designed to be thrown by hand or blow through them, and are 0.70 cm wide by 3 meters long. It comes in a pack of 20 paper streamers, in red, blue, green and yellow colors.

Uses of Streamers

The streamers are a great element to enhance the relevant moments in the celebrations, and even for the guests to throw them at each other. Those of 5 meters and 10 meters, can be launched with a manual cannon or electric cannon, which depending on their size work well in different spaces or outdoors.

The three meter streamers are to be thrown by hand or by blowing through it. They are perfect for children's parties, where both children and adults can have fun throwing the streamers at each other, fun cobwebs form in the air.

Why buy streamers?

The streamers are a great element for the atmosphere of parties, celebrations or festivals. Launching them through cannons you can achieve a real shower of color or shine on the assistants or guests.

Those made of tissue paper will fall smoothly, giving a romantic and pleasant sensation, while those made of metallic material will fall more quickly with a great shine, they are ideal so that with the light they look vibrant and happy.

The classic serpentine is widely used in carnivals, children's parties and events where the most direct participation of the attendees is sought. They are very fun to throw, you can even make real battles of these streamers.

Where to buy streamers?

These are products that are easy to find on online sites, such as the Eutópica WEB, in this online store you can find a good variety of streamers, with the textures, colors and dimensions you require.

In addition, you can find the accessories to use them, such as the cannons to propel them correctly, which can come with the streamers or empty for you to fill them with the ones you want.

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