Fringes and Pennants

Fringes and Pennants

The classics never die.

In this section you will find fringes and pennants to decorate any place. We have different materials, shapes, colors and sufficient lengths to not fall short. Very easy to place, they are served in comfortable individual wrappers. A touch of color for that "old school" decoration always necessary.

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Plastic fringe (25 m.)

Plastic fringe (25 m.)

Price €2.99
Plastic fringe 25 meters long by 17 centimeters high Ideal for decorating interiors or streets. It is available in different colours that can be...
Fringe paper (50 m.)

Fringe paper (50 m.)

Price €4.95
Tissue paper fringe 50 meters long and 17 centimeters high. They are ideal for decorating large outdoor spaces and will add a touch of festivity to...
Triangle pennants (50 m.)

Triangle pennants (50 m.)

Price €5.95
50 meter strip of triangular plastic pennants The measure of each triangle is 20 cm. wide x 30 cm. of high and combine different colours. Ideal for...
Polyester LGTBI flags (25 M.) - 1

Polyester LGTBI flags (25 M.)

Price €14.95
Polyester LGTBI flags, strip of 25 m. with 100 flags.  The measure of each rectangle is 14 cm. wide x 21 cm. High. Ideal for decorating large...

Fringes and Pennants

They are part of the additional decoration to beautify an atmosphere of celebration, giving joy and showiness to the sites. These accessories have been used to decorate external spaces such as streets, long stretches, as well as internal spaces.

The fringes and pennants are easily placed and are available made in various materials and colors.

Types of Fringes

There is a range of types of fringes that can be chosen according to the occasion, environment, theme to celebrate, the economic scope and place, we have:

Plastic fringes : These are decorative elements measuring 25 mx 17 cm high, appropriate for arranging internal and external environments, they offer a variety of cheerful tones embellishing the facilities where they are placed . They come in carefully wrapped packages.

Paper fringes : Beautiful ornaments made of tissue paper, measuring 50 m long x 17 cm high, spectacular for decorating large outdoor environments, they are available in attractive colors and cheerful, they are also perfect to combine with other decorative accessories.

To place both types of fringes, you must remove the decorative object from the wrapping, unfold them completely, take them by the string and tie them to the trees, poles or tubes. Various strips can be crossed with each other to decorate with other ornamental objects.

Types of Pennants

There is a striking variety of paper banners and other materials, which are used to give a touch of joy in places of celebration, such as:

Polyester Pennants 25 m : Their mission is to decorate environments giving a feeling of joy, they come in a 25 meter strip of polyester pennants with 100 flags. Each unit has the dimension of 14 cm wide x 21 cm high.

Triangle flags of 50 m : They come in a strip of 50 meters, each one measuring 20 cm wide by 30 cm high, suitable to combine due to their striking multicolored colors. They create a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to celebrate big.

What are they for?

The fringes and flags are used to decorate and brighten up any internal or external environment, sections of streets, avenues or other spaces such as parks, fields, corridors, spacious rooms. Looking like cheerful, eye-catching decorative accessories and setting spaces in absolute harmony.

Acquire Fringes and Banners for parties

They can be purchased through the Eutópica website, here you will get a range of these fringes and pennants made of top quality materials, either paper or plastic. They are in different shades and dimensions, all appropriate for the celebration of this great day.

You can not stop acquiring them to decorate spacious places, internal and external, such as streets and huge party rooms, decorating for festivities and carnival floats parades.

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