Electric confetti and streamer cannons

Electric confetti and streamer cannons

The electric cannons allow to create a striking and professional visual effect. We have three sizes: 80, 50 and 30 centimeters. All cannons can be filled with confetti of any shape and / or streamers. There is also the possibility of purchasing empty barrels to customize them with the preferred combination.

The use of an electric confetti machine is essential for its operation, which will allow us to fire as many cannons as we wish, by pressing a single button.

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25 Electric cannons 50 cm (Confetti)
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20 Electric cannons 50 cm (Confetti)

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Pack of 20 electric confetti cannons 50 cm. Available in rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long and in colours white, silver,...
20 Electric Cannons 80 cm (Confetti)
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20 Electric Cannons 80 cm (Confetti)

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Pack of 20 electric confetti cannons 80 cm.  Available in rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long and in colours white, silver,...

When you want an unforgettable visual effect at a party or even a massive event, nothing better than using the Electric Cannons . You can use them individually or by synchronizing several, since you can control them with one signal. On the Eutópica WEBSITE, you can find a wide variety of them, with different fillings, colors, and dimensions.

These are electric launchers, which you can control by means of a signal or electric command. This gives them great versatility of use, they can also shoot simultaneously, or from different places.

They are not completely autonomous systems, it is necessary to have an electric button to activate the launcher and a base where to place the tube. Cannons of this type are available in three sizes, reaching different firing distances.

30 cm Electric Cannons: It is the smallest size, it is ideal for use in small spaces, it reaches a shooting distance of 6 meters.

50 cm Electric Cannons: Reaches lengths of 8 meters, it is designed for medium spaces or outdoors.

80 cm Electric Cannons: It is used for very wide places or outdoors, it can reach shooting distances between 9 meters and 10 meters.

Electric Confetti Cannons

It is an electric launcher filled with confetti, this is one of the most used resources to achieve important visual effects. A shower of confetti gives the environment a tone of joy and color. These are rectangles of tissue or metallic paper with an average of 2 cm wide by 5 cm long.

Depending on the material used to make the confetti, a soft, romantic effect or a real shower of glitter will be achieved. Tissue paper will fall much slower than metallic, giving the impression of being suspended in the air, while metallic falling faster will look vibrant.

Electric Streamer Cannons

It is an electric launcher that shoots paper tapes 0.85 cm wide by 5 meters long. These streamers can be made of tissue paper or metallic material. They can be found in many colors or in mixtures of them.

Depending on the material of the streamer, different effects are achieved. If it is made of tissue paper, it will fall slowly giving the effect of a light spider web floating in the air, if the material is metallic it will fall as a thin line of shine, filling the environment with joy.

Electric Confetti + Serpentine Cannons

This is an alternative that combines the lightness of the confetti with the fabric of the serpentine. It is a cannon filled with rectangular confetti 2 cm wide by 5 cm long and streamers 0.85 cm wide by 5 m long.

In Eutópica, they can be obtained in a wide variety of combinations, they can be unicolored or mixed, with confetti and tissue paper or metallic streamers, they can even come in a combination of both materials.

Electric Shapes Cannons

Electric shaped cannons come with fillings of specific shapes, they can be petals, butterflies, stars, circles or even hearts, which have an approximate measurement of 5.5 cm in diameter.

With the use of these forms you will make the moment you want to highlight much more special. Its dimension and lightness will make it look as if the shapes are suspended in the air around people.

Original Electric Cannons

These are cannons that Eutópica combines for specific occasions, they come in a kit with the required colors or that are styled in certain events, which will facilitate their acquisition and use, because you will simply have to acquire the one that combines with the occasion or celebration .

At Eutópica we have a kit of 6 cannons that come with the colors of the LGTBIQ flag, in rectangular confetti 2 cm wide by 5 cm long.

Empty Electric Cannons

It is a barrel without filling, perfect to personalize its use and adapt it very well to the occasion or event being celebrated. In it they can place natural petals, or dried leaves to achieve a more romantic setting or that reminds of nature.

You can use any filling that adapts to the size and power of the barrel, you can place inside it, confetti of rice paper that is ecological, or metallic shapes different from those that come inside the barrels.

Where to buy electric cannons?

On the Eutópica website you can find a great variety of these electric guns. There are different models to choose from, either by their length, and with a wide variety of fillings, such as paper or metallic streamers, with confetti of assorted shapes circles, hearts, stars, butterflies and more.

There is also the option of a mixed filling, of confetti with streamers, these will give a great show. If you cannot find the filling you are looking for, you can buy it empty, to place the filling of your choice. Likewise, there is the ecological option, which is a confetti made of rice paper, a biodegradable material.

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