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The party bag contains a colourful hat and a mask, a Hawaiian necklace, some streamers and another type of varied accessories, such as dracula teeth and a clown nose. If you want to animate your party in an economical way, you have entered the right place.


The party bags are a typical element of all kinds of parties that serve to animate any event and give a casual and cheerful touch. For the end of the year, for the child birthdays... There are many occasions in which we can distribute many of these bags among all the attendees to create a festive atmosphere. Within them you can find a wide variety of items that will serve you to have fun moments.


The standard party bag contains dracula teeth, a clown nose, a colorful hat, a Hawaiian necklace, a small string of streamers and a cardboard mask. All the necessary accessories to spend a pleasant time with others.


The party bags are specifically prepared and packaged so that you simply have to extract their contents from their respective bags and use all the items directly. Put on your dracula teeth, put on your hat, nose and mask and throw streamers! Your party will be the most animated of all thanks to all these accessories, which will create a jovial, carefree and pleasant atmosphere. All these elements and many more are ideal for all types of events.

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